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Create an eye-catching display with a dazzling DIY balloon arch for any special occasion.

How To Create a Balloon Arch

Here are the materials and accessories you’ll need to create a balloon arch.

Step 1: Inflate Your Balloons

Inflate balloons in a variety of coordinating colours and sizes, knotting the neck of each balloon as you go. A Balloon Buddy is recommended for fast and easy inflation. 

Step 2: Prep Your Decorating Strip

Measure and trim your decorating strip, leaving an extra 30cm length at the end. Attach alternating sizes and colours of balloons to the strip by pulling your knotted balloon ends through the pre-punched holes. 

Step 3: Hang Your Balloon Arch 

Use your favourite non-damaging tape or hooks to hang one or more strips in your desired arch shape. To achieve a dramatic angled arch shape, it’s best to create two balloon strips, hanging one of them in a horizontal position and another vertically directly next to it or overlapping it. 

Step 4: Take some playful pics  

Whether you use one of our ultra-convenient balloon arch kits or create your own unique design, your balloon arch will be a stunner. So go ahead and pose under it for fun party photos. 

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Mix and match latex and foil balloons to create the perfect balloon arch. 

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